Tomas Tison                                                                                                          

I was born in Pilsen in Czech Republic and now I living in Nyrany near Pilsen. Photography has been my hobby since 2010 when I bought a digital compact camera. I was so much excited about the first images that photography became my no.1 hobby. A year later, I sold the camera and bought a new digital SLR camera.

Initially, I did not focus on any specific genre. I was shooting everything – macros, detail, people, nature, night sky or landscapes. I have acquired a great deal of experience, which I am using now.

I’ve always been a lover of nature and its beauties. Logically, landscape and nature rank among my favourite topics.

Thanks to photography, I see the world that surrounds me differently than before. Photography has made me think about things I ignored in the past. Photo is like a canvass for a painter; it allows me to express my ideas.

Currently, I dedicate most of my time to black-and-white photography. Shades of black and white adding dramatic accents to a photo, help better express my intentions and enhance the rendering of my vision. These are the photos, in which I frequently use a combination of long exposure with a minimalist composition.



2019 – 1st Place Winner in Night Photography – 5th FINE ART PHOTO AWARDS – „Star hunter“

2019 – Nominee in Fine Art – FINE ART PHOTO AWARDS 5th – „In the wind“ and „Follow me“

2019 – Finalist, Siena International Photo Awards 2019

2019 – Publication in magazine FotoVideo 04/2019

2019 – Publication in Monochrome Awards Annual Book – 2018

2019 – Awards in contest WINTER LANDSCAPE – 35AWARDS

2019 – Interview in magazine FotoVideo 03/2019


2019 – Awards SILVER WINNER in international contest TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS – TIFA2018

2018 – Absolute winner of the 18th year of in the contest PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR – FotoVideo

2018 – Photo „In waves“ one of the twelve winning photos of  NIKON CALENDAR 2019

2018 – Publication of photos „On hill“ and „Frost and silence“ in magazine B&W MINIMALISM MAG

2018 – HONORABLE MENTION in international contest ND AWARDS 2018  category: Fine art, Landscape

2018 – 1st place „In nature“ in contest PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2018 – publication FotoVideo

2018 – Photo „Star Hunter“ in TOP 100 best images contest MAN AND LANDSCAPE – 35AWARDS

2018 – Photo „In waves“ in semifinal TOP 50 contest NIKON CALENDAR 2019

2018 – 1st place „Magics in night“ in contest PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2018 – publication in FotoVideo

2018 – 1st place  „Landscape inspires“ in contest PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2018 – publication in FotoVideo

2018 – 1st place  „Black and white tones“ in contest PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2018 – publication in FotoVideo

2018 – Nominee in Landscape – 4th FINE ART PHOTO AWARDS

2018 – Photo „Furrows“  best photo in gallery BLACK AND PHOTO for the year 2017 on the web

2017 – Photo „Furrows“ in semifinal TOP 50 contest NIKON CALENDAR 2018

2017 – HONORABLE MENTION in international contest ND AWARDS 2017  category Fine art: Landscape

2017 – 1st place „We magic B&W“ in contest PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR2017 – publication in FotoVideo

2017 – 1st place on the day „Solituda“ –

2017 – Photo „Church of sv.Joseph – Uherce“ publication on the front page of the brochure village Uherce

2017 – 4th place – Other theme (2) –


2018 – Nikon Photo Gallery Prague, NIKON CALENDAR 2019

2017 – Nikon Photo Gallery Prague, NIKON CALENDAR 2018

2017 – Center FotoŠkoda Prague, Fotostart