35AWARDS 2018

35Awards is an international photo competition with a huge participation. This year was 4th edition and entered 392,000 photos from 112,000 photographers from 172 countries. Entries reviewed 50 jury members from 50 countries.

The objectives of the award include the search for the best 100 works of the year in various categories and 100 best photographers of the year based on the 3 best works.

This contest was a premiere for me. Therefore, the results exceeded my expectations. In category “Black and White” I got 2nd place, I got special jury mark, got among 35 best photographers of category and two of my photos will be presented in catalog of the best works. 

The results were posted in two videos below. 100 Best Photos and 100 Best Photographers.

Video 100 best photos.

Video 100 best photographers.